Body Armor with a "Bulletproof" Satisfaction GUARANTEE

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  • Armor for Police Dogs...


    Ballistic Sunglasses, Goggles and Faceshields Impact Protection Shields for Riot Control
    Ballistic vest that looks like a 3-piece suit waistcoat.

    SWAT Entry Team Shields.

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    Ballistic Shield Inserts Made-to-Order for YOUR Pack
    Vests cleverly concealed under Jackets

    Level III-A protection

    Vests for short-term use.

    Body Armor Information

    Do YOU Need Body Armor?

      • When you are the target of a criminal attack it may very well be at the time and place chosen by the criminal – to maximize their advantage.

      • Even worse, law-abiding citizens and police operate under strict ethical and legal constraints to using deadly force. While morally correct, tactically this puts you at a huge disadvantage.

    Why 'Bullet proof' Vests Should Be COMFORTABLE and CONCEALED...


    1)   Personal service on the phone. We care that you end up happy.
    2)   Professional Level of Products and Service 13 years of experience you can trust

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