Body Armor with a "Bulletproof" Satisfaction GUARANTEE

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  • Bomb and Ballistic

    Armor for Police Dogs...


    Ballistic Sunglasses, Goggles and Faceshields Impact Protection Shields for Riot Control
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    Ballistic vest that looks like a 3-piece suit waistcoat.

    SWAT Entry Team Shields.

    Ballistic Shield Inserts Made-to-Order for YOUR Pack
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    Vests cleverly concealed under Jackets

    Level III-A protection

    Vests for short-term use.

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  • Body Armor Information

    Do YOU Need Body Armor?

      • When you are the target of a criminal attack it may very well be at the time and place chosen by the criminal – to maximize their advantage.

      • Even worse, law-abiding citizens and police operate under strict ethical and legal constraints to using deadly force. While morally correct, tactically this puts you at a huge disadvantage.

    Why 'Bullet proof' Vests Should Be COMFORTABLE and CONCEALED...



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    1)   Personal service on the phone. We care that you end up happy.
    2)   Professional Level of Products and Service 13 years of experience you can trust























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